Collaborating with Cat Tien National Park, SVW organized a workshop to discuss improving the effectiveness of forest protection and wildlife conservation at Cat Tien National Park. On two days, April 18 and 20, 2023, 140 representatives, including the park’s leaders, officials, forest rangers, contract officers, and forest protection officers, actively participated in the event.

The workshop provided a valuable opportunity for the participants to share their expectations and experiences in forest protection. Participants also discussed solutions and cooperation between the two units to promote the effectiveness of forest protection and wildlife conservation, law enforcement, and community awareness at Cat Tien National Park.


Mr. Nguyen Van Thai shared his reasons behind the need for wildlife conservation and inspired forest patrol units in Cat Tien National Park. Photo ©Tran Thanh Vy

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Thai, Director of SVW, illegal usage of wildlife directly sourced from nature threatens the decline and extinction of many endangered wildlife species in Vietnam. Cat Tien National Park is one of the forests with the highest biodiversity value in Vietnam, with irreplaceable values. Here, people can directly observe wild animals such as crocodiles, gaurs, gibbons, deer, and primates in their natural habitat. However, in recent times, illegal hunting, trading, and transportation of wildlife have become increasingly complex at here, with many forest rangers and forest protection officers being attacked by poachers, resulting in injuries while performing their duties.

On this occasion, SVW shared the difficulties and challenges in forest and wildlife protection while honoring the efforts of forest rangers at Cat Tien National Park. Mr. Nguyen Van Thai directly presented gifts of encouragement and gratitude to forest rangers injured during their patrols while facing poachers who resisted the execution of public duties and intentionally caused injuries in March 2023. These sharings have increased pride and motivation for the forest officers at the workshop to continue their work in forest protection and wildlife conservation.


SVW presented gifts of appreciation to ranger officers injured in the line of duty. Photo ©Tran Thanh Vy

Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, Deputy Director of the park, presented an evaluation of the forest protection and wildlife conservation situation at Cat Tien National Park in the past five years. He also proposed solutions and challenges to improving the effectiveness of future forest protection and wildlife conservation patrols.


Mr. Nguyen Van Minh, Deputy Director of the park. Photo ©Tran Thanh Vy.

Sharing about the experience in coordinating between SVW and Pu Mat National Park to enhance patrol effectiveness and strengthen law enforcement to protect forests and wildlife in Pu Mat National Park, Nguyen Huu Trung, SVW’s SMART Coordinator, said: The most significant success in nearly five years of cooperation between the two units is the reduction of threats and the recovery of wildlife populations. It results from implementing many programs over a long time, including synchronized SMART deployment and optimized tools in patrol activities, combined with modern technology to detect violations. Community outreach programs and behavior change campaigns have also been organized to reduce the demand for illegal wildlife use and promote law enforcement agencies’ participation in combating the trafficking, transportation, and hunting of wildlife. In addition, SVW is also researching to find sustainable livelihood solutions for buffer zone communities to reduce pressure on forest resources.

In the two days, participants also took the time to discuss solutions and recommendations for amending Decree 01/2019/NĐ-CP to enhance the role and responsibilities and improve salaries, income, and welfare of forest protection forces.


Group discussions on solutions for increased effectiveness in forest protection and wildlife conservation at Cat Tien National Park. Photo ©Tran Thanh Vy

Forest rangers also worked in groups to discuss and share patrol measures currently being implemented in Cat Tien National Park. They proposed solutions, recommendations, and desired technologies to improve patrol effectiveness and law enforcement to prevent illegal hunting, transportation, and wildlife trade in the area. Strengthening propaganda activities to raise awareness among loal communities about laws related to hunting, and trade of wildlife and communication campaigns to reduce the demand for wildlife and change the behavior of key stakeholders such as hunters and traders, were also important topics of concern for the delegates.

The workshop was a great success with conclusions and future cooperation content between SVW and Cat Tien National Park to promote forest and wildlife protection in the future.