The illegal wildlife trade is having a devastating impact on wildlife in Vietnam, many of which are endemics. As a result, many species, including Owston’s Civet and Chinese Pangolin, are facing extinction unless urgent action is taken to reverse  population declines and provide a pathway to recovery.

We DO NOT support the commercial farming of wildlife
but we DO support conservation breeding programs

It has now become critical that captive conservation breeding programs are established for high priority species to produce captive bred animals that can be used to re-establish and support the recovery of wild populations in Vietnam’s protected areas. 

In 2019, over 50 local, regional and international experts attended a four-day conservation planning workshop in Hanoi for the endangered Owston’s Civet to assess the threats to the species face and the in-situ and ex-situ actions needed to avert the extinction of this species. 

One of the key recommendations coming from this workshop was that, because of the extremely low number of animals remaining in the wild, there was an urgent need to establish a viable captive population of Owston’s Civets in Vietnam. 

SVW is the only organisation in Vietnam that has the necessary skills, experience and expertise in managing this species in captivity and will draw upon this accumulated knowledge, in collaboration with international partner organisations, to expand the current captive program to meet future conservation breeding objectives.

Conservation Planning Workshop for Owston's Civet
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