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“My feet don’t get tired not because I’m not tired, it’s because I know I’m doing something useful with every step I take”

This was the mindset of the young, enthusiastic, and passionate volunteers who recently conducted a community survey on wildlife demand around Cat Tien National Park in Dong Nai, Lam Dong, and Binh Phuoc provinces in Vietnam. The survey was organized by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife.

For 20 days, the volunteers traveled through different terrains and conditions, from flat paved roads to rocky, winding paths under the clear blue sky. They endured temperatures as high as 37°C, but their determination and perseverance kept them moving forward.

During their journey, the volunteers had the chance to interview locals and hear their stories about wildlife demand. These conversations provided crucial insights that will be used to inform wildlife conservation efforts in the region. But it wasn’t just about gathering data – the volunteers also received a lot of love and hospitality from the community. The smiles, hugs, and enthusiasm of the locals were the volunteers’ joy, great motivation, and the luggage that they carried home.

Here are some images captured by the volunteers during their journey:


Volunteers and their “green” photo.

pic 2

Surveying together at the People’s Committee, is a daily routine every morning.


Survey every location – from people’s homes…


or go to the outdoors, at the construction site.

Pic 6

Many happy smiles at the end of the working day.

Through their engagement with the community, the volunteers demonstrated the importance of volunteerism and community engagement in wildlife conservation efforts. They made an impact on the lives of the people they met and contributed to a cause that they deeply care about. The experience provided them with knowledge and skills they can apply in the field, as well as lasting memories and friendships.

As the survey comes to an end, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife expresses our gratitude to the volunteers for their support. We also hope that the volunteers gained more knowledge and skills in the field and created memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you for being a part of this survey and for your dedication to wildlife conservation.

Through this survey and the volunteers’ engagement with the community, we see the importance of volunteerism and community involvement in wildlife conservation efforts. Every step counts towards a better future for wildlife and communities alike.

Let’s continue to move forward and work towards a world where wildlife thrives, and people and nature coexist harmoniously.