“Our pride, our Pu Mat” conservation events have been successfully implemented for students and teachers of 16 schools in Anh Son, Con Cuong, Tuong Duong districts.

The conservation event “Our pride, our Pu Mat” includes two main parts: learning about Pu Mat’s nature and the dangers that nature and wildlife are facing.

3. Can bo Ket noi cong dong tuyen truyen

In the first part, students learned through exciting games such as “listing the names of animals in picture”, “the sound of the wild”. Some students shared “I am very proud to live in the Pu Mat buffer zone”, or “I admire that we has Sa Mu Dau, a tree that stands more than 70m tall, with over 15 people needed to hug its roots”, “I really like the game Sound of the wild, and Who is faster that help me synthesize knowledge and receive lovely gifts”.

In the second part, the students interacted with stories during patrols of Pu Mat forest protector. The journeys were filled with happiness for the students when they saw a family of otters playing and hugging ancient trees thousands of years old. However, nature and wildlife are threatened by humans. Thousands of large trees were cut down, animals were separated due to traps.

5. Hoc sinh tham gia gian hang Nhanh nhu chop

Through the event, more than 90% of students improved their understanding of the diversity of nature and the identified various wildlife species. In particular, 100% of students agreed to protect nature and wildlife through the actions: (1) Not eating meat, not using illegal wildlife products; (2). Speak up against people using, advertising, or selling illegal wildlife; (3). Notify hotline 0966 000 353 when detecting illegal hunting, trading, transporting, advertising, captivity and consumption of wildlife.

After the event, 24 posters were installed at the school to continue to convey the message. Additionally, more than 1,600 registration forms “Join me to protect Pu Mat forest” club were distributed to students to nominate themselves as members and participate in activities to protect Pu Mat.

Conservation events “Pride of Pu Mat” is one of 7 components of the “Nature and wildlife conservation education program in Pu Mat national park, phase 2023-2025”. The program is implemented in 16 schools of Anh Son, Con Cuong, Tuong Duong district. Components include: Survey of school facilities; Building a core team to protect Pu Mat forest; Conservation event “Our pride, our Pu Mat”; “Join me to protect Pu Mat forest” club; Core team implement projects; Building educational materials to experience nature; Experience nature.


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