On October 21 and 22, 2023, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW), in collaboration with Cuc Phuong National Park, Tuy Hoa City Police (Phu Yen), and the Economic Police Department of Gia Lai Province, successfully rescued a total of 43 wild animals, including 18 pangolins, 11 turtles, 2 Burmese ferret badgers, 5 Chinese water dragons, and 7 snakes.

1. Cán bộ SVW có mặt kịp thời dể chăm sóc dộng vật

(SVW Vet team has arrived on time to deliver medical support for the animals – Photo: SVW)

All the mentioned animals were victims of two wildlife trafficking cases in Phu Yen and Gia Lai provinces. In the case of Phu Yen province, the Criminal Investigation Agency of Tuy Hoa City Police confiscated 2 pangolins, 2 Burmese ferret badgers, 5 Chinese water dragons, and 2 snakes (including 1 king cobra and 1 python) from a private storage facility. In the case of Gia Lai province, the Economic Police Department of Gia Lai Province confiscated 16 pangolins, 11 turtles (8 large-headed turtles and 3 box turtles), and 5 king cobras from a residence in Thang Loi Ward, Gia Lai province on the afternoon of October 19. Currently, all violators are being temporarily detained by the authorities.

3. Cá thể tê tê dược cứu hộ 2

2. Cá thể tê tê dược cứu hộ 1

(The rescued pangolins from the recent trip – Photo: SVW)

The animals were found in a weak and dehydrated condition. Upon receiving the information from the news, SVW contacted the Gia Lai Police Department and flew to the location on the night of October 21, 2023, to provide immediate assistance in caring for the animals. Currently, the veterinary team is examining the animals, providing hydration, cleaning wounds, and transferring them to plastic crates. Within the next 1-2 days, SVW rescue team will transport the individuals to the organization’s rescue center.

5. Các cá thể dộng vật tịch thu trong vụ buôn bán

4. Hầu hết các cá thể tê tê dều gầy yếu và mất nước

(The animals were found in a weak and dehydrated condition – Photo: SVW)

7. Dội cứu hộ của SVW dã sẵn sàng dưa các cá thể về Trung tâm cứu hộ

(The rescue team is ready to transport the animals to the rescue center – Photo: SVW)

To effectively prevent wildlife poaching and protect the biodiversity of Vietnam, it requires concerted efforts and collaboration among relevant authorities, conservation organizations, as well as the establishment of specific concepts, definitions, and accompanying penalties to address illegal activities related to “unlawful use and consumption of wildlife.” Additionally, raising awareness among the public about the consequences of illegal wildlife trade and their role in preventing such practices is crucial.  


Communication contact: 

Ms. Dong Cam Nhung 

Fundraising Officer – Department of Communication and Fundraising