In November, SVW launched a broadcasting series called “Kid Presenters” as an activity of the Club “Join me to protect Pu Mat forest”. This is one of the five main components in the “Education Program to Raise Awareness of Nature and Wildlife Conservation in Pu Mat National Park”, implemented by Save Vietnam Wildlife, in collaboration with Con Cuong Education and Training Department and the Ranger Department of Pu Mat National Park, in primary and secondary schools in Con Cuong District, Nghe An Province.

The broadcasting content includes 17 episodes with topics ranging from Pu Mat National Park to nature and wildlife. Students will get to listen to introductions about biodiversity, the importance of forests and wildlife, the prevalence of illegal hunting, transporting and trading of wild animals… Episodes with interesting information about Pu Mat forest and some wild animals such as Pangolin, Saola, Elephant, Gibbon… are also integrated into the program content to attract the attention of the students.

Ms. Dang Quynh Trang – SVW’s Education Officer shared: “Through the broadcasting sessions, students will have a better understanding of nature and wildlife of Pu Mat National Park, and at the same time, they will know how to act properly to protect the forest. By the end of the school year, we hope that those who have listened attentively to all the broadcasts will not only gain more knowledge, but also be inspired to become Kid Presenters – little nature conservationists, to contribute to the protection of forests and wildlife.”

Before the program, the teachers and 40 Kid Presenters at 20 schools were trained and practiced short broadcasting at schools. The students were all excited and confident with their distinctive Central accent and motivational voice. We believe that the messages we want to spread about love of nature and useful knowledge about forests and wildlife will be welcomed by all students and teachers who listen to the broadcast.

SVW EO Kid Presenters School PM

SVW EO Kid Presenters School PM 1Our Education Officer instructed teachers and Kid Presenters of each school on how to use the handbook and broadcast

This broadcasting series will last throughout the school year, from November 2021 to May 2022. Broadcast episodes containing conservation messages are read through the school speakers by Kid Presenters (students who are also Club members) with the support of school teachers. Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen – a teacher of Con Cuong Town Primary School commented: “Every year, we have our own radio broadcasts conducted by the students themselves, but this is the first time there is a radio series about nature and wildlife, especially about Pu Mat forest. In my opinion, this is a very practical activity that helps the children love their homeland more. From now until the end of the school year, students will listen to the ‘Kid Presenter’ broadcasting program every week, and the content can also be used for the following school years.”

SVW EO Kid Presenters School PMThe Kid Presenters of Con Cuong Town primary school did a broadcast in the first week of November

About the “Education Program to Raise Awareness of Nature and Wildlife Conservation in Pu Mat National Park”

The Conservation Education Program taking place at schools for children in the buffer zone of Pu Mat National Park is implemented by Save Vietnam Wildlife (SVW) in collaboration with the Ranger Department of Pu Mat National Park, under the sponsorship of the organization Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V. (WTG). The program includes 5 main activities: (1) Social research on awareness, attitude and behavior of students towards nature and wildlife conservation before and after the program to evaluate the effectiveness of conservation education methods; (2) Conservation Events as after-school activities; (3) Student Club “Join me to protect Pu Mat forest” at schools in the buffer zone of Pu Mat National Park; (4) Nature interpretation field trips to create opportunities for students to have close contact and understand more about nature; (5) “Kid Presenters” program with contents to call for wildlife protection, broadcasting in schools and villages in the buffer zones of Pu Mat National Park. The entire education program is implemented at Primary schools and Secondary schools in Yen Khe, Chau Khe, Mon Son communes and Con Cuong Town in Con Cuong District, Nghe An Province.

In addition to SVW’s official website and Facebook page, images and information about the program’s activities will be updated continuously on the Nature Conservation Education Fanpage: We invite you to follow and spread the program’s conservation education message to the community.