On April 21, 2020, SVW received a notice from ENV Center and Binh Dinh Provincial Forest Protection Department that two animals were voluntarily handed over by local people In Van Canh and An Nhon areas. SVW’s Rescue Response Team (RRT) was rushing to move more than 1000km to rescue these endangered animals

According to the Forest Protection Department, people bought 2 individuals from illegal poachers for the purpose of raising because they felt sympathy for the two small animals that lost their mother. At the time of purchase, they did not know that these two species were on the list of endangered precious and rare species, and they would be sentenced to criminal penalties if they keep them. (according to Article 234 and 244 of the Penal Code for violating regulations on wildlife protection and Decree No. 35/2019 / ND-CP). These people just realized the act of hoarding endangered wild animals is illegal due to propaganda events on wildlife conservation and forest protection implemented by the local forest rangers. Therefore, they voluntarily handed over to the authorities


While moving as quickly as possible to the rescue site, The SVW Rapid Rescue Team also provides remote advised and guidance to rangers caring for small animals. The rescue team response as firefighters on duty 24/24 and sets off immediately after receiving rescue announcement from the authorities for confiscated animal cases from illegal trade or voluntarily submitted by the people.

Rescued pangolin was transferred to SVW Rescue Center. The gray-shanked douc langur was also brought back and handed over to the Endangered Primate Rescue Center in Cuc Phuong National Park

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