Giving children a chance to experience and love nature, and they will learn to protect what they love!

SVW’s school programs aim to connect Vietnamese future generations to nature, foster their love and pride in local wildlife, providing them with knowledge and skills toward wildlife protection, and encourage them to take action to protect wildlife. To achieve this goal, we developed different school programs for children aged 5 to 17 across Vietnam, mostly in protected areas.

To evaluate changes in children participating in our programs, we conducted pre and post-survey to collect needed data for analysis. 11,133 children living in the buffer zone of different National Parks participated in our programs, with all activities taking place in person in the classrooms, at schools or in the forest. For those who live in the cities and are unable to join our programs in protected areas, we carried out some online courses and attracted the participation of hundreds of Vietnamese students, as well as international students and teachers as participating guests.

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We have successfully developed and implement four well-evaluated programs for children living in the buffer zone of Cuc Phuong and Pu Mat National Park:

‘Valuing Nature in Childhood’ Program

This is Vietnam’s first wildlife education program for kindergarten children. From March 2017 to May 2019, we organised 236 one-day field trips for 5.897 children and 1.078 adults (parents and teachers) from 28 kindergartens located in Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province.
As the children were at an early age, our team carefully designed the agenda and activities to ensure the suitability for children’s physical and cognitive development. We also ensure that every group of 4-5 children is always supervised and followed by at least one adult (children’s parents, teachers, or our educators).
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‘Pangolins Coming to Schools’ Program

In 2020, SVW Education and Outreach team developed and organised the ‘Pangolins Coming to Schools’ program at 32 kindergartens in Nho Quan District with the participation of a special Education Ambassador: Pika the Pangolin.
A SVW educator would wear an impressive Pangolin mascot to interact with the children, while another educator gave educational presentations and organized activities. 6,730 children and 320 teachers, parents participated in the program showed their excitement and enthusiasm for the ‘Pangolin lesson’, and expressed their love and engagement to the Pangolin.
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‘Protect the Wildlife We Love’ Program

From October 2018 to May 2019, we organised 33 one-day field trips for 801 primary students and 65 teachers from 3 primary schools located in Yen Thuy and Lac Son District, Hoa Binh Province. The children had a half-day exploring the forest with various interactive activities, and a half-day discovering the Education Centre and meeting our educational animal Ambassadors.
to enhance the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of primary children, we designed activities as practical and interesting experiments so that the students can implement the experiments themselves to gain insights and knowledge about biodiversity and wildlife protection.
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Education Program in Pu Mat National Park

The program targets nearly 5,000 children from 20 primary and secondary schools located in the buffer zone of Pu Mat National Park in Con Cuong District, Nghe An Province. It includes 5 components: (1) Social surveys; (2) Conservation Events; (3) Student Club; (4) Nature interpretation field trips; (5) “Kid Presenters” broadcasting program.
Each student will participate in all 5 components which continuously take place from March 2021 to May 2022. Activities were strategically designed to increase the engagement of students with the program’s conservation messages, and the interaction and participation of local partners, teachers and local communities with students.
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Online learning program on wildlife protection

We created and run the online learning program as an open opportunity for students from different places to learn about Vietnam’s wildlife. It’s also a solution in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which challenges our in-person educational approach. Each course includes 2 to 4 online workshops providing students with knowledge and conservation status of Vietnam’s wildlife. Students will also receive a virtual tour to visit our Carnivore and Pangolin Education Centre and meet our Animal Ambassadors. Moreover, the courses will provide students with practical skill sets so that they themselves can become conservation practitioners.

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Delivering an online course for students in Ho Chi Minh City from SVW’s headquarter in Ninh Binh Province – ©SVW/Yen Truong

In 2020 and 2021, 4 online courses were organized with a total of 11 workshops, and 160 students directly participated, including 85 Vietnamese and Malaysian high school students in Ho Chi Minh City, 25 secondary students and 50 elementary students in Hanoi. The course alumni have been running a Fanpage attracting 550 followers to spread the conservation messages. Moreover, they also continued to share what they had learnt and inspired 330 other high school and secondary students from 3 schools in Ho Chi Minh City. They also joined us in fundraising activities and adopting our educational animal Ambassadors