Education Program To Raise Awareness Of Nature And Wildlife Conservation In Pu Mat National Park

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* Updates till May 2021


  • To arouse the pride, the love for nature and the responsibility of protecting wildlife of teachers and students (in primary and secondary schools) in key areas where people still hunt, trade and consume wildlife products around Pu Mat National Park.
  • To raise awareness and provide knowledge on the current situation of wildlife consumption and human causes of the decline of natural resources in the PMNP for students in the buffer zone.
  • To provide students ways to take action to protect wildlife and Pu Mat forest, to create a core team of teachers and students that lead nature conservation activities, and at the same time maintain the education, communication and informative activities to protect Pu Mat forest in a long-term and sustainable way.
  • To enhance the capacity of PMNP’s staff to proactively propose, implement and monitor education activities.
  • To raise awareness, provide knowledge and skills for teachers to run educational programs and accompany PMNP to protect the forest.


The program includes 5 components with activities that are strategically designed to increase the engagement of students with the program’s conservation messages, and also the interaction, participation of local partners, teachers and local communities with students. Each student will participate in all 5 components which continuously take place from March 2021 to May 2022.

  • Survey on awareness, attitudes and behaviours of students and teachers before and after the program to evaluate their changes throughout the program.
  • Survey on students participating in each activity to evaluate the effectiveness of the content and activities.
These are the after-school activities that last for 120 minutes, implemented in 20 schools including primary schools and secondary schools in the buffer zone of PMNP. The program has 3 events, one event in each semester with the following topics: (1) “Our Pu Mat, Our Pride”; (2) “Stop Using Wildlife Products”; (3) “Say No to Poaching and Destroying the Forest”. Due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, which prevented Conservation Event 2 from being held, a set of games called “The Way Home” was built, designed, and produced to replace Conservation Event 2. These activities aim to raise students’ awareness through exhibitions, games, quizzes, help students actively learn and gain knowledge.

20 clubs will be started and run in 20 primary and secondary schools in the buffer zone. Student handbooks and other outreach materials will be created, produced and provided to all clubs to raise awareness for local communities. It is expected that this activity will create a core team of people that deeply care about conservation and effectively support the protection of Pu Mat forest.

are the well-deserved rewards for members of 20 Clubs of “Join Me to Protect Pu Mat Forest” and excellent students who actively participate in the program at schools. 20 nature interpretation field trips, each trip will last for 1 day will be implemented in the administrative area of PMNP, including the Open Museum of Nature and Culture, and the Peripheral Botanical Garden.

Through the activities in the 2nd and 3rd Components, students will be encouraged and selected to become Kid Presenters to talk about protecting nature. The content of the radio broadcast about conservation and wildlife will be compiled and instructed. The Kid Presenters will use the school speakers to read out the approved content during the recess. Moreover, the students will participate in recording the broadcast for communities in the buffer zone of PMNP with content requiring children’s voices.

At the same time, 2 events will be organized, including:

  • The opening workshop aims to introduce the Education Program to Raise Awareness of Nature and Wildlife Conservation in Pu Mat National Park. The workshop was organised on 02 April 2021 with the participation of nearly 40 representatives from Con Cuong Department of Education & Training and Con Cuong Youth Union, representatives from the School Boards and teachers in charge of the Youth Union in primary and secondary schools that participated in the program, representative of SVW and PMNP.
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Teachers give comments at the workshop.
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Teachers visit caring area of rescued tortoises.
  • Evaluation workshop aims to summarize and report the results of the Education Program to Raise Awareness of Nature and Wildlife Conservation in Pu Mat National Park and parade to call for the protection of nature and wildlife in Pu Mat. The event will be organized in May 2022.