Currently, nature and wildlife are facing various threats, many of which are caused by human activities. It is essential to raise awareness and take practical actions to protect the environment.

To disseminate knowledge widely and contribute to nature and wildlife conservation, on May 14, 2024, the forest protection core group at Yen Khe Elementary School, comprising 01 member from the Forest Protection Core Group for Pu Mat and 5 students from the “Join us to protect Pu Mat” Club, coordinated the implementation of the “Net dep Doi vien” (Beauty of Young Pioneer) contest. The conservation activity aims to foster love for nature, enhance awareness of the vital role of wildlife among teachers, students, parents, and increase the participation of the local community in proposing, coordinating, and implementing conservation activities.

Ảnh 1 Giáo viên phổ biến hoạt dộng và thể lệ cuộc thi cho toàn trường

The teachers were promoting the activities and rules of the contest to the entire school.

The “Beauty of Young Pioneer” contest, with the theme of nature and wildlife conservation, features remarkable activities, including fashion creations made from recycled bottles, plastic bags, paper, peanut shells, medicinal herbs, and leaves as substitutes for bear bile. The teachers and students from grades 3, 4, and 5 have put great effort and attention into preparing for the contest, bringing excitement with their self-designed and trendy outfits created from familiar everyday items such as peanut shells, old newspapers, and leaves. The purpose of this contest is to spread the message: “Let’s recycle the products around us to protect the environment.”

Ảnh 2 Trang phục thời trang tái chế

(Recycled fashion from Grade 3,4,5)

Drawing pictures on the theme of “I Love Nature and Wildlife” and presenting them to the audience, the students from grades 1 and 2 have also made a strong impression with their vibrant artworks. This activity aims to convey the message of protecting nature and wildlife at Pu Mat National Park.

Ảnh 3 Các thí sinh khối lớp 2 trong hoạt dộng Vẽ tranh chủ dề em yêu thiên nhiên và dộng vật hoang dã

(Students from Grade 1 and 2 participated in the drawing contest)

Ảnh 6 Các thí sinh khối 1 Thuyết trình tranh và thông diệp bảo vệ thiên nhiên dộng vật hoang dã

(Students presented about the drawings)

At the competition, the students showcased their talents through creative, beautiful, impressive, and vibrant paintings and outfits. Their actions and practical endeavors contribute to the conservation of nature and wildlife at Pu Mat National Park. The competition also attracted a large number of enthusiastic parents who came to participate and cheer on the students. Twenty prizes were awarded to individuals and teams with unique and outstanding performances.

Ảnh 8 Cán bộ SVW và ban giám hiệu trao giải sao la cho học sinh

(SVW Officers and Head department of school gave awards to the students)

Ảnh 9 Phụ huynh học sinh tham gia cuộc thi

(Parents of students participated in the contest)


The Nature and Wildlife Conservation Education Program at Pu Mat National Park consists of 7 components implemented over two academic years, 2023-2024 and 2024-2025. The program is jointly conducted by the Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, Pu Mat National Park, the Department of Education and Training of Anh Son, Con Cuong, and Tuong Duong districts, and is implemented in 16 schools within the buffer zone of Pu Mat National Park. The program includes the following activities: School infrastructure assessment, Establishing the Forest Protection Core Group for Pu Mat, Proud Pu Mat Conservation Event, “Join us to protect Pu Mat” Club, Project implementation at schools, Developing a nature experiential education program, and Nature exploration activities.