05 lovely cartoon billboards: Saola, Indochinese Tiger, Asian Elephant, Pangolin, Otter; 01 board with information about Khe Kem, Sa Mu Dau; 02 action boards on DO and DON’T for nature conservation and environmental protection were installed at the Multipurpose Hall – where most extracurricular activities, sports events, and student, teacher, and parent activities take place.

Ảnh 1 Bảng biển dược lắp dặt tại nhà da năng

The billboards were installed at the Multipurpose House

The core force at Luc Da Elementary School consists of 01 member from the Forest Protection Core Group and 5 students from the “Join us to Protect Pu Mat” Club. They have jointly implemented and proposed the installation of 08 bilingual information boards about species, heritage trees, and tourist attractions in Pu Mat National Park at the school’s Multipurpose Hall. The conservation activities aim to increase love for nature and enhance awareness of the important role of wildlife among teachers, students, parents, and the participation of the local community in proposing, coordinating, and implementing conservation activities.

Untitled design

Information boards about Saola and Indochinese Tiger

The bilingual Vietnamese-English information boards are designed as adorable and realistic stories depicting the threats to the Saola, Indochinese Tiger, Asian Elephant, Pangolin, and Otter. Additionally, they showcase the beautiful nature of Khe Kem and the ancient heritage tree, Sa Mu Dau, which has lived for over a thousand years. The boards also highlight the DO and DON’T for nature conservation and environmental protection. Through captivating and visually appealing illustrations, the bilingual information boards aim to effectively spread the conservation message to a wide audience.

Untitled design 1

Information board about Asian Elephant and Pangolin

After the installation of the 8 bilingual Vietnamese-English information boards, club members conducted sharing sessions during break time and extracurricular activities. Students also received additional information in English through guidance from their teachers. “The animal images on the boards are adorable, and the content is interesting. It helps me learn more about nature and animals. I also learned many new English words,” shared by one student.

Ảnh 7 Học sinh câu lạc bộ chia sẻ thông tin bảng biển trong giờ ngoại khóa

Students participated a sharing session in the break time


The Nature and Wildlife Conservation Education Program at Pu Mat National Park consists of 7 components implemented over two academic years, 2023-2024 and 2024-2025. The program is jointly conducted by the Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, Pu Mat National Park, the Department of Education and Training of Anh Son, Con Cuong, and Tuong Duong districts, and is implemented in 16 schools within the buffer zone of Pu Mat National Park. The program includes the following activities: School infrastructure assessment, Establishing the Forest Protection Core Group for Pu Mat, Proud Pu Mat Conservation Event, “Join us to protect Pu Mat” Club, Project implementation at schools, Developing a nature experiential education program, and Nature exploration activities.