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Field studies aim to find sustainable habitats for our species and carry out post release monitoring for our released wildlife.

Our research contributes directly to our evidence based advocacy work with government, training of protected area staff, enforcement officers and university students in the identification and handling of, and threats to these species and to outreach work with communities surrounding protected areas.

Learn more about our research works here.

Job description

• Conduct radio tracking post release Java pangolin in Cat Tien NP
• Setting up camera traps, retrieval camera traps at project sites
• Conduct interview surveys and wildlife research surveys
• Assist in writing publications, social media posts, technical reports
• Data entry from camera traps, radio tracking, interview survey, field survey
• Assist in data analysis of camera trapping and radio tracking results
• Conduct other field work as needed
• Respond for making budget, plan, permission, submit receipt for the project’s activities when necessary

Job requirements

• Have a Bachelor ‘s degree on Forestry, Biology, or related
• Having skills and experience in camera trapping and radio tracking is an advantage Physically capable to work in forests in long periods of time. Having previous field experience in forests is an advantage
• Ethnic minorities are prioritized
• Knowledge in native species identification and conservation theory
• Good English communication is an advantage
• Good English and Vietnamese writing are an advantage
• Skills in software such as R, QGIS, ArcGIS are an advantage
• Knowledge on forestry and wildlife policies is an advantage


• Trained through practical experience to improve capacity, in activities such as camera trap surveys, post-release animal monitoring, conservation status assessments, and other interesting projects by SVW.
• Trained in R software for data analytics, Timelapse software for camera trap analysis; trained in writing technical reports, scientific articles, etc.
• Opportunities to be first author and co-author for international scientific articles.
• Competitive salary
• Covered by medical and accident insurance


Candidates should send their recent CV and a cover letter in an email with title “Apply for Field researcher” to email: [email protected].
Acknowledgements will be sent to short-listed applicants only.
Phone contact: (+84) 02293848053
Application Deadline: 30/08/2022