Using Large Billboards To Raise People’s Awareness About Of Law Enforcement In The Buffer Zone Of Pu Mat National Park

large-size billboards installed
districts involved
designs developed


In 2021, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, in collaboration with Pu Mat National Park, completed two phases of the installation of 35 large-size billboards. This is an activity of educational programs to raise awareness of the local community in the buffer zone of Pu Mat National Park, combined with the strengthening of law enforcement, habitat protection, and conservation research, which aims to provide a comprehensive solution to ensure a safe living environment for wild animals. The billboards were located at the entrances to the forest, the traffic roads, the open trails, the hot spots of hunting, capturing, and trading wildlife in three districts around Pu Mat National Park including Con Cuong, Anh Son and Tuong Duong.


The billboards carried two main messages in two individual designs, one focused on providing information and images of endangered wildlife species that are protected under the legislation system of the Vietnamese Government. The other outlined prohibited acts in forestry activities. Both designs clearly illustrated the penalties that come with each violation. The billboard was intended to improve the understanding of law of people in the buffer zone of Pu Mat National Park. This is a practical approach to raise people’s awareness and knowledge of the law that helps stop the hunting of wild animals. The boards not only show the determination of Pu Mat National Park and Save Vietnam’s Wildlife in strengthening law enforcement but also serve as a deterrent to those who know the law but still intentionally violate it.


Moreover, the billboards in the second phase were installed on a larger scale than the first ones. Specifically, these 16 boards have been produced in 2 sizes. The boards with the size of 2x3m are 2-sided printed boards, placed perpendicular to the traffic roads in open positions. The boards with the size of 2x6m are single-sided printed boards located where the space is narrow or to avoid obstruction to the view of traffic. Meanwhile, the size of the first 19 boards is only 1.5×2.5m and only printed on two sides, placed perpendicular to the road surface. The size of the boards affects the reader’s reception of the message and restricts the placement of the board. Therefore, the second phased boards have been increased in size to make it easier for readers to access information, and at the same time, there are two types of panels to flexibly place the boards.


Mr. Chu Van Dai – Head of Tam Thai Forest Protection Station of Tuong Duong Forest Protection Department said: “It is very important to install billboards about the law in the buffer zone of Pu Mat National Park because these boards help not only the Forest Protection Department of Pu Mat National Park but also the Forest Protection Stations of the districts to raise people’s awareness. Large billboards are placed in very prominent and visible places that attract many people to stop and watch. In particular, the billboards located next to the Tam Thai Ranger Station also have lights shining from the Ranger Station, so it can still be read easily at night.”

It is obvious that the installation of 35 billboards has initially attracted the attention of the local community, not only about law enforcement but also about the values of the natural resources of Pu Mat forest.