Crawling into bed after a busy night digging the dirt, the Pangolin closes his eyes but can not sleep. He gets the feeling that he forgets something important but he can not remember what it is. Opening his eyes, he takes a look around the house. Everything is neat, tidy and gleamingly clean. Outside, it is another beautiful day in the forest. Bright light is peeking through the cracks and birds are singing. Not being able to think straight, he just goes back to sleep.

It has been ten year since the Pangolin has lived peacefully in this lush forest with other animals. He has the most special outer shell in the forest. It is made out of thick, overlapping scales, which protects him from predators. Despite his appearance, what a shy and gentle soul he is. Every night he digs hard to find food and only goes to sleep when the day begins. Even though he is leading a solitary life, he always cares deeply about friends in his own way.

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It has been ten year since he has lived peacefully in this lush forest. Photo @SVW.

The trees growing on the ground that he dug give the most delicious and tasty fruits which are natural gifts for the Birds. The underground burrows that he created provide sweet homes for the Rats and the Bats. The animals in the forest love him very much and all agree that he plays an important role in the forest.

In February, there are 5 special days to celebrate friendship and 5 days to honor the animals that are the Pangolin’s friends. So he decided to prepare gifts for his dearest friends.

Waking up from a good night’s sleep, the Pangolin thinks to himself “I have to find out the important thing that I forgot”. Because of that he decides to double-check all the gifts he has prepared.

He looks from left to right. The house is very neat and tidy. In the middle of the house, there is an empty table. A closed chest of drawers is in the right corner.

The Pangolin opens each drawer to search. He looks in the first drawer and it is totally empty. In the second drawer, there are a bunch of leaves tied with a ribbon. Those are the softest leaves he has collected in the forest. It is a gift for Miss Bird, celebrating World Bird Day.


Feeling happy finding the gift, he takes a long way to bring it to Uncle Elephant in the middle of the night. Photo @SVW.

Because who doesn’t know that Elephants are the best carriers of the forest. They go everywhere and never forget a thing. Satisfied, he returns home, and when he goes to bed he immediately falls into a sound sleep.

However, when he wakes up the next day, he still feels as if he has forgotten something very important. The house is in disarray now, the drawers are still left open.

The Pangolin opens the last drawer. Laying inside the drawer, there are a bunch of sweet and juicy fruits. Those are the gifts for Mr Hippo on the occasion of World Hippo Day. Pangolin eagerly brings the gift to Uncle Elephant in the night.


When he gets home, he feels satisfied and falls asleep immediately. Photo @SVW.

However, when he wakes up, the Pangolin still gets a feeling that there is something very important that he has forgotten. The house is now a complete mess. He looks in every drawer and can not find anything.

He keeps searching and searching. All drawers have been pulled out. Leaves and dry branches are scattered on the ground. He can not remember the important thing he has forgotten. Feeling tired, he leans on the chest of drawers. A piece of paper flies out and falls to the ground. Now he remembers it. The very important thing that he has forgotten is a letter to his most beloved friend, human beings.

Animals in the forest say that human beings have killed many forest animals. But the Pangolin knows that there are others who always want to protect wild animals and have worked hard to protect the forest he is living in.

In the letter he wrote: “To human beings, I do not realize when the forest started to become more lush, full of life and the sound of animals gathered here, probably because of the forest getting safer. The sound of human’s footsteps in the forest does not make me terrified. I feel safe because I know they are working to protect wild animals and the forest. I am very grateful for their dedication. And I also acknowledge that there are others, those who might not directly protect the forest but always support others’s work to protect pangolin and wildlife in the forest”.

On the occasion of World Pangolin Day and the occasion of World NGO Day, the Pangolin wishes everyone and their loved ones a happy and peaceful life.