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Term and Conditions 

• Volunteers are fully responsible for their own health and safety, and SVW or its agents or employees will not take any responsibility for accidents, injury or illness occurring during your voluntary time.

• SVW requires volunteers to have travel insurance which includes emergency medical insurance whilst undertaking a volunteer placement.

• SVW reserves the right to ask any volunteer to leave the project with no refund, should they behave in such a way as to put themselves, other volunteers or SVW staff at risk.

• Volunteers must adhere to all SVW rules, procedures and standards, including health and safety procedures. Volunteers must work closely with and follow instructions from SVW staff.

• SVW reserves the right to cancel specific volunteer dates due to unforeseen circumstances. Should this occur, the volunteer will be offered an alternative date.

• SVW is not liable (to the maximum extent of the law) for any harm you may suffer, including but not limited to loss caused by delay, bodily injury or death, emotional upset, damage to or loss of property, war or terrorism.