Eagerness, nervousness, expectation, pride,… are the emotions of students when participating in the Ringing the golden bell. This is one of the activities proposed by members of the Core team to protect the Pu Mat forest and members of Join Me to protect the Pu Mat forest as part of the Nature and Wildlife Conservation Education Program.

In order to join hands in protecting nature and wildlife, on May 8, 2024, the core force at the school, including one member of the core team and five students from Club, proposed ideas for a conservation project at the school. The project aims to foster a love for nature and raise awareness of the important role of wildlife among teachers, students, and parents. Additionally, it seeks to increase local community participation in proposing, coordinating, and implementing conservation activities.


Opening performance for the competition

The Ring the Golden Bell Contest featured 40 questions on topics related to understanding the biodiversity of Pu Mat National Park, environmental protection, and the three “no actions”: Don’t eat; Do not use illegal wildlife products; Do not assist or participate in hunting, trading, transporting, or raising wildlife in captivity. The event took place enthusiastically and excitedly, and contestants who had mastered the knowledge were found. At the same time, 100% of students and teachers signed a commitment to protect nature and wildlife.



Students answer the questions

In the competition, club members took on important positions such as MC, supervisor, and photographer for the first time. One member shared: I was very nervous and scared when I became MC, but I enjoyed it; Next time, I will prepare and do better. Teachers in the core group shared more: This was the first time I coordinated, proposed, and implemented activities on nature and wildlife conservation, so I was quite nervous but thrilled and proud that I did it.


A club member takes on the role of MC


SVW and the school vice principal award outstanding students

The Education Program of nature and wildlife conservation includes 07 components implemented throughout the two school years 2023 – 2024 and 2024 – 2025. The program is hosted by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife and in coordination with Pu Mat National Park, Department of Education and Training of Anh Son, Con Cuong, Tuong Duong districts to implement 16 schools in the buffer zone. Activities include: Survey of school facilities; Building a core team protecting Pu Mat forest; Conservation event “Our Pu Mat, our pride”; “Join me to protect Pu Mat forest” Club; Implement projects at schools; Building an educational program; Experience nature.