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SVW was the first organisation in Vietnam to begin fighting to save the pangolin which started in 2006 — and we’re still fighting today.

In 2022, there were:

pangolins rescued
pangolins released
1 %
fully recovered
permanently cared

Your support is having an impact but THE CHALLENGE continues


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Scientists believe that some species of Pangolin will be extinct within 10 years.

According to WWF, over the last 10 years, 1 million have been trafficked.

Some people believe that there is medicinal value in their scales, this is not true, as the scales are keratin (just like your fingernails).

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Pangolins are easy to stress and require a very specialized diet, which means, keeping them is very challenging.

That’s why pangolins are one of the most difficult species to keep in captivity. Their home is in the wild.

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We are working hard to protect their habitat, to keep them safe and allow the populations to grow.

It’s not easy, but your support will allow us to continue to work to protect them from illegal poaching.

You can help us save more pangolins!

World Pangolin Day

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20 February, 2023

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18 February, 2023

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Melodie Matkin

18 February, 2023

Thinking of you all this World Pangolin Day.

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18 February, 2023

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18 February, 2023

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Our promise to you that all funds raised in this campaign
will go directly to our pangolins rescue and rehabilitation program!