Pangolins are both hunted and consumed in Vietnam, although due to a diminishing population and a slowly growing awareness of their imminent extinction, consumption is declining somewhat. Vietnam is also importantly a trade route to China, so many of pangolins that transit through Vietnam to China come from Laos and Cambodia.

This map which shows rates and locations of confiscation is also indicative of the trade route. As you can see It heads north to China.

Out of the eight species of pangolin that occur in the world, two (Sunda and Chinese) are found in Vietnam. Both species are commercially hunted in large quantities and comprise a large part of the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam and throughout Asian countries. Both species are listed as endangered species in the IUCN red list since 2007 and then was listed to Critically Endangered in 2014. They are also classified in the Vietnamese red book 2007, and are cited in Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.