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In 2015 we received 43 pangolins in the space of two weeks which stretched our capacity. Some quarantine enclosures had to house 3-4 pangolins at a time, which was very stressful for both animals and staff. Pangolins are solitary creatures, who do not enjoy sharing the space. We had a higher mortality rate than usual during this event as not only we were over capacity but laws requiring us to hold pangolins as evidence for criminal proceedings prevented us from releasing pangolins who were recovered enough for release.

At any given time, we usually have between 10-30 animals. We do not have capacity to release pangolins one at a time, as they are usually released in locations quite distant from us where we have checked the area to make sure it has 1) viable pangolin population 2) rangers are effective at doing their job 3) we have negotiated all relevant government permissions to release. So we wait till have enough to make it viable and then release. In February 2016 we released 16 Pangolins bring to a total of 75 pangolins released back to wild in eight months.